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In order to support the emerging creation, OS CATRO GATOS opens a Call for Exhibitions in 2019.

  • Through this call will select 80% of the programming of the showroom.
  • The call is aimed at artists, creators and collectives, working mainly in 2 dimensions for issues of space, having as a language contemporary visual arts ( painting, sculpture, installation, video art, photography, etc.), in small and medium format.
  • The disciplines in 3 dimensions or of different character to the previously stipulated ones will be taken into account in function of the thematic realized and the disposition of the project in the exhibition hall.
  • We are looking for projects designed to be shown in OS CATRO GATOS taking into account both the characteristics of the exhibition space and that have not been exposed in Santiago de Compostela previously.
  • The selection will be made according to criterion of artistic quality, originality, technical viability and adaptation to the work line of OS CATRO GATOS. Proposals that present a complete assembly, experimenting with new formats and trying to offer an innovative proposal, as well as complementary activities to the exhibition project (talks, projections, workshops, publications, etc.) will be positively valued.
  • The selected projects will be exhibited at OS CATRO GATOS during the year 2018 and will be supported by the space for the assembly, the diffusion and the development of the exhibition; that will have a duration of 30 days .

Below you will find all the information and details to present your project.


selection process

The proposals will be selected in a 2-step process:

Preselection - 20 projects * -

A jury made up of cultural managers, designers and artists from different disciplines, will contribute their knowledge and experience when evaluating the projects, and pre-select a *maximum of 20 projects. 


Final Selection - 7 projects -

Of all the pre-selected projects, the team of CATRO GATOS will select up to 7 projects that will give shape to the Schedule of Exhibitions of OS CATRO GATOS in 2018.


Reception of projects: From June 1 to October 31, 2018

Selection Period:

  • Phase 1: Preselection - From 1st to November 20, 2018
  • Phase 2: Final Selection - From November 21 to December 10, 2018

Pre-selected Publication: November 21, 2018

Selected Publication: December 11, 2018

Exhibitions: Between January 1 and December 31, 2019



Vicente Prego. Lcdo. in BBAA. Graduated arts and crafts. Plastic artist and teacher.

Santiago de Compostela.

Olalla Cortizas Varela. Dra. At BBAA Teacher at the School of Education Sciences.

Santiago de Compostela.

María Magán Lampón, Dr. at BBAA. Director of La Doce (art space) Plastic artist. Boiro

Sara Pérez Bello. Apo`strophe Art Room Director. Cultural manager, painter.

Endika Basaguren Dr. at BBAA. Plastic artist.Bilbao

Rebeca Lar  Grad. at BBAA. Plastic artist. Vigo

Afonso Sestelo. Photographer. Santiago de Compostela.

Fernando Martíns. Painter - Sculptor. Coimbra, Portugal.




Inés Silvalde Lcd in BBAA. Graduated in Arts and crafts, Plastic artist.

Co-director of Os Catro Gatos, Santiago de Compostela.
Delio Sánchez Graduated in Arts and crafts., Plastic artist.

Co-director of Os Catro Gatos, Santiago de Compostela.


when can proposals be submitted ?

 The period of reception of projects is from JUNE 1 to OCTOBER 31, 2018 (both included).

  • Portfolios will not be valued, only projects exclusively proposed for the call.
  • Please send the project only once.
  • To resolve doubts or other issues contact: comite.oscatrogatos@gmail.com
  • Participation in this call involves knowledge and full acceptance of its terms. OS CATRO GATOS reserves the right to resolve all that is not provided for in these rules, including the possibility of varying the final number of selected if the quality of the projects presented is not adequate to the objectives of the program of exhibitions, as well as to propose Modifications that can improve its performance.

how to present the projects?

To participate in the call you must fill in and send THIS FORM

showroom plan
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The showroom. Some past Exhibitions